Your Body is Designed to Function at Optimum Health On It’s Own

Gemi Bertran's Blog: Your Body is Designed to Function at Optimum Health On It’s Own

Your Body is Designed to Function at Optimum Health On It’s Own

We all have heard about inflammation but often we are not clear of, what it is or how that can be a problem for us our health?

Every health issue that we may have or had, started with an inflammatory process, except for the accidents.
Most of the time it starts in our gut and because we can’t feel it in the beginning, we keep doing or eating what it will become a problem in the future for us.

We all heard about sensitivities, we are not allergic to something but often when we eat that specific thing causes some symptoms in our body that makes us feel uncomfortable.
When you feel bloated after eating certain foods or stomach pain after eating others.
Our joints are sore, we have trouble focusing or we simply feel sick.

Inflammation is a subtle thing, is a silence beast that when you notice it is because it took over you and you are already having problems.

The most common foods that cause inflammation are:


There are more but is all about you and how you listen to your body of what is good or not for yourself, specifically.
When we feel that there is some food that makes us feel uncomfortable it means, that is not good for our body.
Then, we can still choose eating it but if we are aware of it, we most likely will try to avoid and at the end quitting it completely.

Now there are some things that we can eat to balance or heal inflammation:

*All greens and leafy greens
*Turmeric or the orange colored foods as, sweet potato, carrots, beets…..

Add one of those foods once a day in your diet and you will be doing good for your body fighting inflammation because your body is designed to function well, sometimes it needs a little help from you!

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