When Dreams Become More

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When Dreams Become More

The word “dream” implies positivity, good feelings, forward-thinking, and wanting more out of life. The question is, why are we taught not to “dream”?  Are we made to believe that dreams don’t come true?

The dream is a state of mind, whether we are awake or asleep. We call it a dream when it is involuntary or a visualization when it is voluntary. Our conscience gives us the powers of thought and choice, neither of which can happen all the time. We are always thinking, and choosing, constantly. Even when we don’t make a choice, not choosing is itself, a choice.

Dreaming big matters. When we dream big, it forces us to step out of our comfort zone, it makes us uncomfortable because we are daring to go to a place we have never been to before. The unknown causes fear for most of us. Some people, however, the brave ones, dream big and when things get tough they get tougher.

What about change, though?  It voluntarily comes out of your consciousness, it comes from choice. If we apply this principle to changing old habits, we definitely put ourselves into a very uncomfortable situation. Isn’t that thrilling?

When I first dreamed of fulfilling my purpose by creating my own business and becoming an expert in Brain & Behavior through nutrition and the science of the mind, I never thought I would be so lucky to really do it one day!

I dreamed of working with wonderful clients, which I do.

I dreamed of leading groups, which I do. 

I dreamed of teaching one of my programs in community college, which I do.

I dreamed of networking with the smartest women in this country, which I do. 

I dreamed of having the best team ever, which I do.

I dreamed of training professionals in becoming Brain & Behavior coaches, which I love doing more every day.

I dreamed of being a member of the council on suicide prevention on the county, which I am.

I dreamed of working with veterans to give back to them, which I do with the Veterans Outreach Program.

I dreamed of working doing what I love everyday, which I do, I do, I do!

Dreams do come true if you never give up on them and for this reason I will keep dreaming big.

Dare to dream big, ignore what you were taught about dreaming, the power is yours.

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