What is Optimum Health?

Gemi Bertran's Blog: What is Optimum Health?

What is Optimum Health?

There are five habits that depend totally upon our choices.  They are at the root of our health problems from day one, and by changing these habits, our overall health will totally flip, transforming our body into a completely healthy body.


-Eating habits




-Drinking habits


-Emotional habits




Let’s break them down.


-Eating habits. Our eating habits are very important. As you know, every choice we make every time we put something in our mouth determines how we are going to feel right after.  What we don’t always consider is our overall health in the long run. The solution is eating clean. Food without labels is real food, the rest is processed.

-Medication. Medication changes the chemistry in our body because it is composed of chemicals and those chemicals affect every organ. The most affected is the brain. It doesn’t matter if the medication is for the heart or the kidney, the brain will be affected and the reason is because the brain is 90% fat.

All the chemicals and toxins our body receives from ingested products that are not food, such as preservatives, colorants, medication or any man made product, are stored in your fatty tissues. Since the brain is 90% fat it is considered by the body to be a fatty tissue storing area with the particularity that the brain runs all the body functions and chemical interactions for this to happen. It is fair to believe the brain chemicals, hormones, are affected and confused when there are outside chemicals stored in the same place. That causes confusion in the natural functions, creating all kinds of interferences in brain and body performance.

Chemicals at their core are identified as toxins for our liver. The liver responds by storing them in the fatty tissue. 90% of prescriptions can be avoided if you improve nutrition and habits. You can change your health if you want. I help people to do it every day!

-Drinking habits. If we choose to drink water we will be healthy and hydrated. Hydration improves brain health, skin youth, and internal organ functionality. Alcohol and soft drinks are totally unnecessary. It should be a treat not a routine.

-Emotional habits. Emotional habits can be as damaging to a body as the other habits I just mentioned. You can eat all the kale in the world, but if you have poor personal relationships or unhealthy work environments, you won’t be healthy because you can’t be healthy if these two areas are not positive in your life. Be authentic with your relationships to stay healthy. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

-Self-doubt. In my opinion, this is the most important concept to be aware of. If we have self-doubt, then nothing works. If we are self-confident, everything works. Self-doubt is tied up to fears. Self-doubt or self-confidence implies believing in something you can’t see. Belief in yourself makes all the difference!

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