We Are Needed in the World We Live in More Than Ever

We Are Needed in the World We Live in More Than Ever

When we lose our sense of self, we become like “everyone else” instead of amplifying our uniqueness. 

Every single one of us has experienced trauma at some level in this past year. Trauma can be experienced as a society, not just on an individual scale. Trauma, however big or small, can be internalized as PTSD. We’ve often heard about PTSD, when we talk about someone that has undergone through a very traumatic life experience such as abuse, rape, severe physical trauma due to accident, or military personnel that have been in war zones. The truth of the matter is that PTSD has a large spectrum, and any traumatic life experience fits in some level of it.

PTSD causes a disconnection between the mind and the body.

For example: if you are wearing a blindfold and a key is placed in your hand, your palm senses; temperature, texture, weight, size, etc. All these senses are sent from your palm through the central nervous system to the brain and if you have a normal brain, it will put them all together sending a message to your mind, creating an image of a key. People with PTSD cannot put all those senses together because the body learned how to disconnect from the overwhelm in their mind through a numbing process from long-hard trauma. 

When we as humans get disconnected from our senses, we don’t feel alive. 

How do we know we are alive? 

Self-destructive behaviors are very common in clients with PTSD. These are developed patterns to answer the question above. Some of the self-harm behaviors of PTSD are either Physical self-harm such as picking or cutting or Emotional self-harm such as alcohol abuse, drugs, pills to numb their PAIN.

Many people who suffer from PTSD are also suffering from a loss of their sense of Self. Another thing that brings us deeper into our bodies is our sense of Purpose. When we lose our sense of self, we become like “everyone else” instead of amplifying our uniqueness. Finding that deeper sense of purpose will bring us further into our bodies and wanting to engage with the world. Everyone needs a purpose.

Purpose is what I found the day my brain broke due to prolonged stress. This purpose urged me to create my business Nourish the Brain Institute, we specialize in coaching clients on their brain and behavioral health through nutrition and the science of the mind. Later on, I created the Brain & Behavior Coach Academy. This course is for anyone that wants to become a Brain & Behavior Coach like me and find their purpose that not only saves their life but also gives them the platform to help others going through tough times. Nourish the Brain Institute gives you the opportunity for self-healing and a purpose with the Brain & Behavior Coach Academy. We are here to help you and your loved ones on your journey.

We are needed in the world we live in more than ever.

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