Turn Off Survival Skills: On-Demand

Gemi Bertran's Blog: Turn Off Survival Skills: On-Demand

Turn Off Survival Skills: On-Demand

Stress is part of our daily vocabulary, yet we don’t really know what the word implies nor the power we give up every time we mention it.

Our body is designed to evaluate the level of stress we have in order to calculate the effort our body needs to make to get through the stressful situation.

Our ancestors were hunters, and always had to be alert to the possibility of being hunted by bigger predators.Therefore, their bodies developed two hormones that would help them to stay alert, to stay sharp, to be faster if there was a threat or be more creative with survival methods if the situation became life threatening in a split second.

Today it is very different. We are not hunters, at least our life doesn’t depend on it, but often we go into survival mode when we feel we are threatened in some way.

Our mind can modify our health by changing the chemistry in our body.  Did you read that right? That’s amazing. Our brain chooses to release stress hormones or not.

There are two parts to the human mind, conscious and subconscious.  We have control over our conscious mind, which is the one that manages thinking. When we have negative thoughts, however, our immune system responds more slowly.   When we have positive thinking, our immune system responds more quickly. These are actions completed through our subconscious mind.

Let me tell you that the line of your thoughts is 100% your choice.  What takes time to change is the awareness and everyday practice of focusing on those positive thoughts.  Remember: you can change anytime you want. Make the right choice for yourself, everyone will benefit from it.  We can start working together on your personal goals and habits in one of our programs.  Make an appointment with me, and let’s get started.

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