This Valentine’s Day, Know You Are Amazing: 5 Ways to Recognize This

Gemi Bertran's Blog: This Valentine's Day, Know You Are Amazing

This Valentine’s Day, Know You Are Amazing: 5 Ways to Recognize This

We are all unique, there is no other you, only because of that we all should celebrate everyday because every day is unique it depends on you what you make of it.

Are you up for adventure and discovery of your amazing gifts? Let’s get into it.

  • Look at your face in a mirror and find one thing in your face you are especially proud of. You can’t say ‘nothing’ because I know it’s not true.
  • Write down your last good deed. I also know you are the kind of person that does good deeds without even thinking about it.
  • Now go in front of a full body mirror and point at least one thing of your body you like. It can be your brain but I want you to be generous with yourself.

I can see you are amazing inside out.

  • Do you have at least one really good friend, the kind of friend that it doesn’t matter how crappy you behave he/she still is in your side unconditionally.
  • Did you say “I love you” to someone today or yesterday? You can still have time, go and say it to someone you love.

Often we are harsh with ourselves in a way that no one else is. Can we all please be kind to ourselves and others? Thank you!

Look around you, with a lens of understanding that reveals how much our society forces negative comparisons upon us.  Have you been on social media, just to be presented with snapshots of how perfect everyone else’s life seems to be?

You can learn thought habits and retrain your brain by creating new neural pathways.

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