Gemi’s approach is so conductive to healing

Her presence is peaceful, nonjudgemental, and personal. Seeing Gemi has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself
Gemi Bertran's Nourish the Brain Institute Coach: Jamal Brown

Jamal Brown

“I was single for the longest time. I always thought my business was my love but all the traveling and eating out had horrible consequences for my health. As an african-american man I learned my pancreas was confused processing all the sugars and high carbs to the point that turned me into a diabetic. Gemi taught me to understand how my body works with the food I am eating.
I learned how to train my pancreas to go back to fully functional and today, 5 months later, I am not a diabetic anymore! I am sticking with Gemi to keep learning to teach my future children. I am breaking the family pattern of type 2 diabetes forever!”
Gemi Bertran's Nourish the Brain Institute Coach: Brittany


My name is Alejandra Reyes and when I started working with Gemi, I did not imagine everything that I would learn not only with respect to nutrition but also on a personal level.” In these months I have been able to improve not only the way I and my family feed ourselves but also I could also heal emotional conflicts that I thought were already resolved and yet they were still hurting me.
Today I can say that Gemi has been able to motivate me to be healthier and stronger physically, but more importantly he has taught me the way to love and accept me more every day.
Gemi Bertran's Nourish the Brain Institute Coach: James E for NTB

James E.

My first task was to identify the areas I wanted to work on and incorporate strategies to feel empowered and move forward. Gemi helped me to identify a new mental framework for diet, exercise, and brain. I’m so grateful for her expertise and sensitivity.
Thanks also for not letting me off the hook until I reach all my goals. You’re the best health coach out there.


Since joining the program, I have learned to read labels and to process that information for what it really is. The most significant learning I have noticed is how the food I eat directly affects my physical health.
I have changed my way of thinking about this relationship. Gemi is loving and caring, and she has a deep desire to teach how food and lifestyle are so connected. I would recommend this program to people who are ready to make a long-term lifestyle change.


Before meeting Gemi, I didn’t know that I was unhealthy, I thought I was just okay. What was most helpful to me was learning the healthy and not so healthy aspects of food and how they affected my well being. It was an amazing eye opener. I’ve always said that I wanted to learn how to use food as fuel and that is exactly what I learned.
It didn’t hurt that Gemi was never judgmental or negative. She was supportive all the way… even on my bad days. This experience has, in many ways, been a blessing in my life. My struggles remain, but I now feel that I have the knowledge to meet those challenges. THANK YOU Gemi!”


Elaine Hill
Brain & Behavioral Coach

I am the kind of person who hates taking medication, so when a friend recommended I call Gemi Bertran, I did. I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Gemi started a plan for me right away which was very motivating and supportive.
Since we started working together three months ago, I have been changing my diet, and gradually reducing insulin. Working with my doctor, I am now completely free of taking medication and I feel amazing. I could never have believed this was possible, and it’s all because of Gemi’s support and knowledge.
Gemi Bertran's Nourish the Brain Institute: Veronica A

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