Spring is the perfect time to create

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Spring is the perfect time to create

I am sure you at least remember one story of your childhood where imagination was the rule to play. I certainly do! Imagination the biggest Universe there is. It is as big as you make it and has no limits or boundaries. It only depends on your limiting beliefs.

The good news is that imagination is flexible. It stretches, grows and morphs into anything you want. It can take you to the past or the future and can create your best self. Imagination can travel, build, transform or spread like gunpowder. Imagination is the power of your mind, your thoughts. It’s the safest most sacred place that only you have access to.

I remember when I was a kid around 4/5 years old (yes I do have really early memories), I would close my eyes and disappear in my mind. I truly believed I was totally gone to the point that I didn’t feel my body. I remember the day I learned I could fall and not feel the pain on my knees because I made the pain disappear by closing my eyes.

As an adult I had to learn how to exercise the imagination muscle. I lost the power of disappearing for many years. Today, through the power of imagination, I choose to be present at all times, this is my superpower. When my clients talk to me, I am only there. This is the same with my students, friends, children, family and acquaintances.  When someone talks to me, I listen because I am genuinely interested. If I am not, I would let them know. Imagination brought freedom of choice into my life and I am sticking with it forever.

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