Spending Time Among Great Ones

Gemi Bertran's Blog: Spending Time Among Great Ones

Spending Time Among Great Ones

While you are not careful in choosing the people you mingle with, they are busy keeping you where they feel comfortable, which might not be what you desire.

I see my friend, ask how it’s going. What is the tone of their response?

“I’m so tired..”  “My life is so ____________.” (Insert negative comment here.)Hard, stressful, boring, busy, f***ed up.

Let’s face it, we all talk like this at times in our life, maybe now more frequently.

So, what makes up what we are and what we say?

The answer is Spirit.

Spirit is all we are, not just your physical self. Spirit is your thoughts.  What happens when we think repeatedly negative things? We attract problems or bad attitudes. If we can attract problems by thinking negatively, why don’t we reverse it?  Why don’t we spend more time thinking of what we want and attract those things?

This law applies to people as well.

We attract the people that are aligned with our vibration.

People notice if they are surrounded by toxic or negative people. Do you ever practice awareness of this?

When we talk about abundance, we think about what we want more of, what is better than where we currently are, in our thoughts, our homes, in our lives.

I am not saying that we can define people by their vibration, that would be unfair.  Simply stated, they are sending out a specifically negative vibration.

Choose the people you are around carefully.

Repeated experiences create new neural pathways.  Question your social climate, and be actively working to create positive, stimulating conversations and relationships.

Time is running out and we can’t control that. We need to spend more and more of our time focusing on the positive and being present.

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