Sleep better tonight, 3 Must-Do things that will knock you out, in a good way

Gemi Bertran's Blog: Sleep better tonight

Sleep better tonight, 3 Must-Do things that will knock you out, in a good way

Hello friends,

I work with many clients whose first issue they seek help with is sleeping better.  We have conditioned ourselves with habits that are actually getting in the way of our brain’s natural needs, to steadily prepare for a good night’s rest.

Nights are designed to sleep. With all the technology interaction at night, our brain gets confused. While we are in front of a tv or laptop or phone our brain understands in daylight because the brain doesn’t know any better and stays wired keeping us awake until we turn screens off. Then the brain needs some time to realize that means sleep time by releasing melatonin to put our brain to sleep. Then the brain starts the cell restoration process and resting time. When we spend time in front of a tv, it is time we are shaving from restoring and resting causing all kinds of health issues or sleep deprivation. Under these circumstances our brain can function 100% the next day. Use these easy peasy technics to train your brain to be more effective while you are awake.


Lavender scrub

Make a mix with lavender essential oil and your favorite scrub. Use the scrub vigorously on your arms, chest, back, and face.

Cacao and Almond Milk

Warm, mix and drink 8-10 ounces of delicious and creamy almond milk with a tablespoon of cacao powder.  I use a milk frothing machine that warms and mixes as once, and it is always such a treat.  If you wish, you could heat on the stove and use a whisk just as easily.   Remember in GROUP we talk a lot about the power of cacao, and how it has the most natural magnesium of any food.  This will bring you to a most restful state before getting into bed.

Get off of your phone, unplug it all 

Set a timer (a lot of phones have this feature) and stay true to your plan.  We must not give in to the excuses of needing to do just ‘one more thing’ in our day or check that Instagram one last time. It will be there tomorrow, I promise you!



These changes that come from these routines are real, and with time they become so natural to you that you will wonder how you waited so long to make them.

Our Programs are here to Help you meet your goals, and if you are feeling like some extra guidance is what it takes, join a group class, get some 1:1 coaching, and treat yourself right.


Thank you and talk to you soon,


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