Push the Envelope in Order to Grow

Gemi Bertran's Blog: Push the Envelope in Order to Grow

Push the Envelope in Order to Grow

We like being comfortable, when we are not, we tend to say that “life is difficult”.

There are so many levels of that sentence, everyone has a bar with his or her own level of difficulty in life, some people can take a lot, some people don’t have the strength or resilience.

I remember something that my grandma used to say, “I don’t want everything I can take, because I can take a lot!”.
Human beings are extraordinary! we can do all sort of things and every day we get better, smarter, stronger, faster, taller,….

We evolve constantly and we don’t even take the time to acknowledge ourselves when we do it or often, we don’t even notice it.

When we grow things get tricky and uncomfortable for a while. Often we think, that “everything comes at once”, “why everything seems so difficult?”.
Those are questions that often arise when we are making changes in life for the reason of getting ourselves in a better position.

Then for after a period where everything feels tight and uncomfortable, everything goes back to normal and we are more comfortable in our own skin.
And the cycle starts again when we need to grow or experiment with new things for ourselves.

I know we all have lived through that type of cycles over and over. Often we are not aware of the growth, we just see life as a fight instead of an adventure that is totally wonderful and worth it. Other times we don’t stop to think anything, we just “keep swimming”.

My suggestion to everyone is, make yourself uncomfortable, growing is great!
You get to know things that you would never do otherwise, we will meet interesting people.
You will get healthier, wiser, faster and smarter.

Challenge yourself every single day in little things that you do as, increasing the weights on the gym, park your car 2 blocks away from your workplace, say “I love you” to someone that you are secretly in love with,….whatever it is for you.

Life is a precious gift and it has a huge wrap for you to unwrap!

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