Top Ten Troubles For The Brain

Have you ever considered the stressors and events in your life that lead to negative feelings and unhealthy lifestyle? Gemi outlines the ten most common ways that we are affected by our environment, beliefs, and yes, even our own expectations in this 10-part video coaching series.

Discover your HOW. Overcoming these challenges must begin with awareness and the deeper knowledge of the human brain.

Ten Top Troubles
for the Brain


Ten Top Troubles for the Brain

What is troubling you, your loved ones or friends?

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • 10 most common issues that lead to stress and negative behaviors
  • New habits made by repetition and how the brain undergoes physical changes
  • Types of PTSD from events like divorce, death, or bankruptcy Cortisol, food, and the environmental factors that cause inflammation
  • Learn about your paradigms and discover hidden sources of anxiety and depression
  • Challenge compulsive behaviors
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Get the willpower to get back on track after the pandemic Use prevention to keep your immune system strong Increase longevity