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Nourish the Brain Institnute

Gemi Bertran, CEO & Founder, is a skilled and talented Brain & Behavior Coach, Public Speaker, and Published Author. She has helped hundreds of individuals to make healthy changes to their behavior for overall health of the brain and body.


Brain & Behavior Coach Academy

Nourish the Brain Institnute

The Brain & Behavior Coach Academy blends the knowledge of brain nutrition with the science of the mind. We teach strategies to build the connection between the conscious and the subconscious mind. The 26 modules of coursework will prepare future coaches for a career in health coaching across the spectrum of many common disorders and health impairments.


Brain & Behavior Coach Academy

Nourish the Brain Institnute

Discover the knowledge of the brain, mind, and body to start your career in health coaching and grow a successful online business.

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“I think the work that she is doing is absolutely critical for you living a fulfilled life. I guarantee you she’s going to cause you to have a totally different perception on life. Sit down with Gemi. Let her help you.“
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World-Renowned Speaker,
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Law of Attraction Teacher
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Make it Brain Podcast

Gemi Betran is so excited to share cutting-edge content on her NEW Make it Brain podcast. Available wherever you listen to your podcasts, on Spotify, Google, and Apple Podcasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about us
Course completion will involve a total of 26 weeks of commitment from the student. The videos take approximately 1 hour of viewing time per week, plus accounting for your note-taking and review to pass a short assessment of material.
You will have access to an interactive online curriculum that includes weekly modules. Your lessons will be paired up with your interactive, step-by-step workbook and supplemented by essential documents that support your professional growth and training. The content is outlined seamlessly in the workbook so that your guided note-taking thoroughly prepared you for the short assessment and discussion in our monthly group phone calls.
Yes. You will have to practice with real client cases and source your own clients from your community during the 6 month training period.
We want to be accommodating with payments. We have a choice of options that can work with your budget and planning. Please contact our sales department to select a plan that works for you.
Students’ time commitment can range from 3-5 hours a week during the course for regular course content. Many Brain & Behavior Coach Students are currently working in other fields and full-time occupations. The flexibility of your schedule of learning online content allows for tremendous success.
Talk with our team if you have any questions about becoming a Brain & Behavior Coach and the path you are on to becoming a coach. Schedule a call now! Click Here