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Same symptoms, same medication, same scenario…is your body being treated like a production line instead of being treated for Optimal Health?

Shortly after I moved to the US, I began working as a business director in a behavioral practice. I was astonished at the number of patients that were taking prescribed medication (100% of those in the practice).  What was more disturbing was the fact that most patients were taking more than one prescribed medication, often 3 or 4 different medications. Most of this medication was given to counteract each other or side effects of the medication.

Coming from Europe, I had a hard time digesting this since my family had been using naturopathy, homeopathy or other alternative medicine for years. Working in a practice where patients and doctors didn’t see a way around prescribed medication was one of the reasons I decided to go back to my origins and move to a holistic approach for my clients.

Recently, several new clients have turned to me for alternatives to traditional medicine, which wasn’t working for them. The horror stories they have told me, not only infuriated me but also made me realize that I could address these topics in my monthly articles.



This month I am focusing on antibiotics. In the last few weeks, I have had 3 new clients who had UTI’s and were prescribed antibiotics for over a year and a half, one of them for 2 years.


Same symptoms, same medication, same scenario, different doctors, different patients.

In all 3 cases, these patients were diagnosed with a UTI and their doctors started them on a series of antibiotics for a week and told it should be done if there weren’t further problems. No explanation about UTI or the possible causes, no alternative options, just “take an antibiotic for this” period. A couple weeks later, these clients went back to their doctors because they still had UTI symptoms and again, they were prescribed another round of antibiotics. This pattern continued for over a year and a half and two years with the 3 of them.

These clients came to me from different channels and for different reasons but all three let me know that they had been fighting a UTI for some time. I am always very cautious making quick assessments or having an opinion about other professionals but this is getting out of hand.

I am not saying that all doctors are the same. There are wonderful, amazing devoted professionals in the healthcare system that have the humility and capacity to ask for a second opinion when something is not working.

Antibiotics are useful or necessary when there is a serious infection that can’t be treated with anything else, such as meningitis or others with the same aggressive behavior, bacterial or viral as these can be fatal.

A UTI is not fatal. It can be treated with natural remedies that act faster and are more effective without any harmful side effects. When we do this quite often we achieve Optimal Health rather than destroying the immune system.  The same cannot be said about antibiotics.


The regular intake of antibiotics causes different problems in the body:

  •       They stop being effective.
  •       The body loses the capacity to fight any kind of infection
  •       The body becomes resistant to antibiotics to the point that antibiotics are no longer effective if needed in the future for a more serious infection.
  •       Antibiotics destroy all bacteria in our gut causing all kind of digestive problems and creating an environment prone to fungus and yeast infections in other areas of our body.

The bottom line is this: if you go to the doctor for a mild problem and your doctor prescribes more than one round of antibiotics in a short period of time, please seek a second option before you start on a second round of antibiotics. Very often, nature provides us with the solutions we need for our problems.

In the cases of these clients, I suggested 2 different remedies to overcome their UTIs. All 3 of them showed improvement within 24 hours and they each emailed or messaged me to tell me how much better they were feeling after only 24 hours of a different approach. We are now working in rebuilding their immune systems and restoring the gut which won’t take long because their body was eager for something good and natural.

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