Nothing Good Comes From Eating Sugar!

Gemi Bertran's Blog: Nothing Good Comes From Eating Sugar!

Nothing Good Comes From Eating Sugar!

There are no benefits of eating sugar in any form – white, brown or powdered. There is only the possibility of addiction and health problems.

Sugar affects everything in our bodies. Not only does it affect our liver, pancreas, and gut, it also affects the functionality of our brain and the reasoning of our mind in a major way.

Our health and behavior change noticeably when we eat sugar in smaller or larger amounts than usual. This is very clear in children’s behavior when they are in a sugar high.

70% of the population in the United States suffers or will suffer from diabetes due to sugar consumption at some point in their life.

The distinction is that most of these people will suffer diabetes not only for sugar consumption from sweets, but also from the chemical sweeteners that are added to soft drinks and fast food.

There is a widespread belief  that fast food is cheaper than other foods and in some ways it is,  but if people bought produce and beans instead of junk food and ate them over time, this would be a less expensive and healthier option that makes a difference in their health over the long run, wouldn’t it?

Big chains and big pharmaceutical companies,  and big corporations are interested in keeping the population ignorant with numb brains that keep the wheels of their money making machines running at full speed. If you haven’t seen it, Jamie Oliver has done a lot of work to increase awareness in his work to Teach Every Child About Food.

It is every individual’s responsibility to do our best for our own health, educating ourselves and our community of the problems that sugar consumption can cause in our overall health. This is the Brain & Behavior Academy Program mission in life, it’s to educate people on how to address their unhealthy behaviors one at the time.

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