N E W Opportunity in Your Future With Nourish the Brain Institute

Gemi Bertran's Blog: NEW Opportunity in Your Future With Nourish the Brain Institute

N E W Opportunity in Your Future With Nourish the Brain Institute

It’s been an incredibly busy time at Nourish the Brain Institute.  The launching of the new program Brain & Behavior Academy Program is something I’ve been looking forward to for the last six months as our team has been working to build it from the ground up.

From script writing to filming, to the addition of new team members and website features, there is so much to celebrate!

It all started when I had an idea, that I could not have developed fully without the use of my higher faculties.

One day my mentor, Bob Proctor, helped to realize the importance for the world what I do and how that can help many in the world.

“It would be selfish to keep it for yourself, it is your soul calling, you have to educate people about the importance of what you do, how that can heal their brain, body, and mind.”

That phrase took me totally out of my comfort zone but didn’t matter whatever would take I was going to do it and I did it.   I have created the Brain & Behavior Academy Program Certification program to give people the same opportunity I had. The possibility to heal themselves at the same time they learn the communion between the brain and the mind and how our body reacts with every food we put in our mouth all while they make a business when they graduate.

Today, I have the pleasure to present to you my life long learning experience.

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