My friend eats garbage (junk food) How can I talk to them?

Gemi Bertran's Blog: My friend eats garbage (junk food) How can I talk to them?

My friend eats garbage (junk food) How can I talk to them?

I don’t like telling people how to live, just because I have a different set of guidelines for my own nutrition. What happens? The person only is able to filter the message that they are doing something WRONG!  They shut off from new information and that is that. Here are some ideas for opening up conversations about healthy food choices.

Start with a question, invite them to reflect:

It seems like you really like that _____, what about it do you like so much?  Wait for them to answer…

A)  If they reveal that they have guilt, and you should follow up with asking why they eat it if they know it is not healthy.

B)  If they show that they haven’t thought about it, showing a lack of awareness, your next move is to ask if they have ever wondered what that food contains, or why it is your ‘go to’ choice?

Would you like to eat differently?

Would you like to do better?

Awareness is everything.  When you know what is causing people, including yourself, to make certain food choices, you realize that you may not have been using the control you have over your own health.

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