Mental Health Month: Happy Brain

Gemi Bertran's Mental Health Month: Happy Brain

Mental Health Month: Happy Brain

Everyone wants to be happy and there’s no question about it. Some people don’t seem to find their way to happiness while other people seem to always be happy. Why does happiness seem so difficult for some of us and so easy for others? Stick with me here, it’s worth it.


When I was married to my son’s father for almost 10 years, I was terribly unhappy. I was in a very abusive marriage and I stayed in it for this long. I was unhappy and I couldn’t see a way out. The point is, during all that unhappy time I always felt everyone else was unhappy too. I even thought people were faking happiness but indoors they weren’t.

Needless to say, I was totally wrong. I was unhappy and my brain made me believe the rest of the world was too. The strong force of survival kicks in when we are stressed at any level. Survival also wants you to belong and for that, your brain creates very complex chemistry to trick not only your brain but also your mind. This phenomenon makes unhappiness bearable. It made me feel I belonged. Of course, thought is involved and you want to survive, so you believe it. Your reptilian brain believes it, your subconscious mind believes it and you are even capable of making others believe that you are okay. All of this happens when our brain chemistry is so dominated by cortisol and serotonin and dopamine are basically absent. At this point, we learned how to ignore the fact we are terribly unhappy.

Now here is the good news. If you ever felt this way, you can totally undo it! Creating new happy brain cells to replace the unhappy cells is not only doable, but it is fun! Here is the potion:

  • Laugh everyday at least once (big teary laugh)
  • Hug your loved ones or your pets
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes everyday
  • Go the bed before 10pm
  • Listen to music
  • Talk to a friend
  • Have sex, lots of it!
  • Eat clean food
  • Drink 40oz water
  • Love, love, love everything you do

If you can practice at least three of these, I can assure you that your brain is going to transform into a bundle of joy. It will leave the murky atmosphere of unhappiness so far behind that you won’t be able to see it.

Try it!  What do you have to lose?

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