Meet Gemi Betran's
Amazing Team

Eden Hershberger

Eden Hershberger, our Project Manager, is passionate about helping people connect to their true life’s purpose.
She is dedicated to transformation on all levels, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. In her spare time, you can find her at the gym, meditating, playing music, and offering DNA Activations to her clients in Denver Colorado.

Cindy Cortes

Cindy has been working with Gemi Bertran as her Executive Assistant.
Cindy Cortes has provided excellent attention to detail, doing tasks effectively, and working closely with Gemi is what she does best. Her passion for encouraging people to live their life to the fullest is what makes her special.
Some fun facts about Cindy: She has 9 years of assistant experience! She is a mother of two wonderful kids, loves to cook, and travel with family during her free time

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