Medication changes the chemistry in our body and brain

Medication changes the chemistry in our body and brain

Our body contains chemicals that make every function possible. Those chemicals are hormones. 

Hormones are chemicals that once they are in balance make our body function like a Swiss watchperfectly in rhythm with our emotions, our mind, and our physical condition. 

When the balance is broken, it usually occurs in the form of a mental, emotional, or physical breakdown. For example, anxiety can come from the release of unbalanced hormones. 

Depression comes from an umbrella of unbalanced hormones. If outside chemicals are added to the mix, it completely alters the chemistry of our body and brain, causing unnatural functioning. 

When the brain receives chemicals from medication, it forgets how to function naturally and starts releasing unbalanced amounts of hormones, which causes problems in other areas that are not even being treated. This is what is famously called ‘side effects’ of medication.

To keep our hormone levels balanced, we need to have a balanced life. When the balance is broken, we break. That gives us the opportunity to reset and start again and better allow our body to heal itself. 

While the medication often heals the thing we are taking it for, it does a bad job of giving off side effects which affect our bodies. 

Our body is a whole, not bits and pieces.  

When we take medication for depression, it messes with the entire system: our kidneys, liver, pancreas, heart, and brain.

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