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LGBTQ and Brain/Mental Health

Brain Health or Mental health? That’s the question.

A huge percentage of the population may assume that brain health and mental health are the same thing.  Another percentage of the population haven’t even considered this. Everyone is familiar with mental health, yet may not connect brain health as the root of their mental health.

When we talk about mental health we can’t ignore the brain, can we?

I always say, “The brain is the physical aspect of the mind and the mind is the spiritual aspect of the brain.” One without the other can’t function. If we want to address either of these two very important aspects of ourselves, we need to consider and address them both at the same time. Otherwise, we will be addressing the symptoms, not the root of the problem.

There is a very specific part of your brain that gets activated when you have negative thinking, self-doubt, or self-judgement.

The area is called the Deep Limbic System. When you are caught in a spiral of negative thoughts for a period of time, eventually you will develop depression. There are signs for you to recognize that the DLS is overactivated. Nothing will change if you don’t calm this area down.

When the Basal Ganglia is activated, the effect can range from anxiety, to anger, stress and even rage.

An overactive Prefrontal Cortex will bring procrastination, or ADD/ADHD and you will be challenged every time you have to remember something specific.

The Cingulate System is overactive in people with addiction or compulsivity.

As you can see, keeping these systems under control can make your life much easier. The tricky part is the fact that every brain is different and unique, which means these issues need to be addressed individually. There is no one system that works for all. If your struggle is real and you can relate with one or more symptoms of these overactivated systems, you need to seek help; you can’t do it on your own.

My coaches and I prepared to help you to find the answers to your questions. There is always a solution!


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