If you suffer from sugar cravings you can gain focus and lose this ugly belly, starting tomorrow

Gemi Bertran's Blog: If you suffer from sugar cravings you can gain focus and lose this ugly belly, starting tomorrow

If you suffer from sugar cravings you can gain focus and lose this ugly belly, starting tomorrow

We have all heard how damaging sugar is for us and our body.  We all know someone that has healthy problems due to sugar such as the popular diabetes and all the problems that come along with it.

Often what we don’t hear is how damaging is eating things that are sweet with calorie 0 or light or diet. We calm down our sweet tooth without the sugar intake so we believe we stay safe and remain healthy because we are sure what really causes health problems is “only sugar”.

I am sorry to pop your sweet bubble. To your body or better pancreas, sugar is sugar or sweet is sweet and the chemical reaction that you body releases when you have any kind of sugar/sweet intake is exactly the same in either case so are the health problems that can cause.

When you eat or drink anything that is sweet your pancreas releases insulin and fat to battle the sugar content in blood to protect you from becoming a diabetic.

The real problem happens when our pancreas releases insulin too often because your are eating sweet things or things that become sugar in your body throughout the day.

At some point your body becomes insulin resistant and fat, then the body loses its capacity to balance itself and go back to plato after every insulin release if that happens so many times through the day, everyday we can become diabetic, overweight along with all the side effects that come along with all those two diseases.

Since sugar/sweeteners are so highly addictive for our brain it turns out that is really difficult to quit sugar all at once but not impossible. There is a very successful technic that you can use to start your freeway to sugar addiction. Instead of restricting it, add things into your diet that will trick your brain into craving less by adding sweet vegetables, carrots, sweet potatoes, herbal teas. Also one or two pieces of fruit throughout the day can help in the beginning. Drink lots of water and have a piece of dark chocolate a day 70% cacao minimum when the craving is really kicking in.

These tips will help you to gave more control over your choices and you will succeed easily. Give it a try and tell me your experience!

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