Working with a Brain & Behavior Coach is a life-changing experience

The focus of this course is how the Brain & Behavior Coach will serve the client. The experience throughout the coaching process is quite unique to every individual based on how their brain and body works with the foods they eat, the thoughts they have, and the habits they repeat. 

After years of experience of working with one-on-one clients, the main thing I learned is the importance of providing clients with a reasonable understanding of why we change one habit at a time, how we do it, and how we support the process with routines, superfoods, nutrition and structure such as sleep hygiene, exercise, and much more. 

During a 6 month duration, the Brain & Behavior Coach sees the client every 2 weeks for a coaching call. During these 1 hour calls the coach addresses the problem areas for the client, and educates them on how to shift the behaviors, starting with the Brain.

The client learns the effects of proper nutrition in the brain and how it can be negatively impacted. The coach guides them to implement one change at a time, which the client will be repeating for the next 2 weeks. At the end of the 6 months, the client has completely transformed their lifestyle and has a deeper understanding of their body and mind. This coaching applies to all kinds of issues, from mental/brain  health, eating disorders, type 2 diabetes, addiction, and trauma (TBI/PTSD) within others.

Brain & Behavior Coach Academy Walkthrough

The Brain & Behavior Coach Academy blends the knowledge of brain nutrition with the science of the mind. We teach strategies to build the connection between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

Gemi Bertran walks students through 26 modules of coursework that will prepare future coaches for a career in health coaching across the spectrum of many common disorders and health impairments. The student walks away with tons of knowledge and resources to serve their community. If you would like a detailed document of the 26 Modules please watch the video below.

Course Schedule

26-week Program (6-month Program): Every week a new module opens up for the student.
The program is formatted into three parts:

  • Address self-health and self-care – learn and apply techniques to themselves.
  • Address coaching/educating others – plan and deliver information to an audience.
  • Develop goals, follow specialized routines, and build accountability with clients.

Learning Outcomes in the Program

  • Advanced Nutrition Concepts Beyond Traditional Approaches.
  • How food interacts with every organ in our body, foods, superfoods, inflammation, and the body’s response.

Habits and Behaviors

  • Rituals created around food and eating habits, societal and cultural.
  • Challenging one’s beliefs learned at an early age.

The Brain

  • How performance is affected by multiple factors.
  • Increase brain performance.
  • Improve efficiency in neuroplasticity.
  • Enhance brain performance with superfoods.

The Mind

  • Conscious and subconscious – know the difference.
  • Thought process.
  • Emotional process.
  • Create ideal thoughts.
  • Forming ideal emotions.

Midterm Project

  • Create your personalized workshop based on the coach story model in Module 9.


  • In Module 13 of the program, the future coach will practice with a real coaching client.
  • The future coach learns how to go over the intake coaching form and brain testing process.
  • Future coaches share / submit voice recordings with intake/notes and brain testing results.

Mentoring calls

  • Bi-weekly calls with Gemi Bertran.


Alice fell down a rabbit hole and became disoriented—lost. Alice had many trials and obstacles to overcome on her journey to find herself again—to find her way. Much like Alice’s adventure, our own lives are complex and our trials are complicated. Sometimes we unknowingly fall down a rabbit hole and become a little lost in life too.

When I met Gemi, I was a little lost—unclear of my future path. After 25 years in US Army Special Operations I was transitioning out of the Army. A dozen combat deployments and years of missed family time left me stressed, anxious and depressed. I was generally unhealthy and life appeared a little dark. I’d fallen down a rabbit hole and was wandering—I was disoriented. Gemi helped me get healthy again and my path and purpose in life became illumi- nated. I applied what I learned and found myself again—you can too.

Gemi Bertran is a North Star in holistic health. She is constant, bright and dependable. She is true and you can always find your way by trusting her guiding principles. She will literally keep you on course, or get you back on course if you are adrift. Gemi’s knowledge in brain health and behavior are extensive. She is passionate about helping people. She is an amazing humani- tarian and a gifted guiding spirit—became my shining star.

Because of Gemi, I’m on a clear and empowered path to grow and live a healthier life. I’m oriented again, and I’m happy because I know how and why

I became disoriented in the first place. Gemi sparked my imagination to see myself becoming someone amazing with so much more to give. I’m adamant that her knowledge and perspective will change your life for the better as well. Don’t simply read this book, study its precepts and ponder the wonderful effects it will have as you apply them to your life. You’ll be happy that you did.

Be a good human,

SGM Al Paxton, Green Beret (Ret.)—De Oppresso Liber

A short testimonial from Veronica Arteaga, a client who defeated Type 2 Diabetes

A short testimonial from Elaine Hill, a graduated Brain & Behavior Coach, speaking about her experience of training through our academy.

After filming this video we changed the course name from Dynamic Nutrition Specialist to Brain & Behavior Coach.

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