Human Wrongdoings vs. Humanity Great Doings

Gemi Bertran's Blog: Human Wrongdoings vs. Humanity Great Doings

Human Wrongdoings vs. Humanity Great Doings

I have been educating myself about black history in the U.S. since I moved to the U.S. and experienced racism through my black daughter.

Humankind is so much better than humans. Humans make mistakes, kill, steal and cheat through life, and somehow we can still find a reasonable explanation why we did it and deny it.

How can anyone find an excuse about Black Wall Street Massacre 100 years ago? How can you find acceptable or reasonable the fact that someone owns an arm and goes on a shooting spree? How is it possible so many people in the US own a gun and always blame the person, not the weapon, when a mass shooting happens? Why this attachment to guns???

As Europeans, we do not own guns, and guns are illegal unless you are a police officer or a hunter with a permit. Nobody has guns in the house, nobody! No mass shootings, ever! Europe has good and bad people just like anywhere else, but we don’t have this specific problem. Nobody feels like they have to protect their homes with a gun or defend themselves. Why do we have this problem in our wonderful country?

With the pandemic, we had a break from mass shootings, which are now happening all over the place. 19 est. Mass shootings since January 24. That should be unacceptable, but it’s not. A lot of people say, “the guns are not the problem. People are!” Exactly! Guess what? In Europe, we have people too, bad people, but they don’t use guns to go for a killing spree just because they don’t have guns to make that happen. It is sad and surprising that some people don’t want to eradicate guns. It puzzles me. To me is unnatural to own a gun. It should only be allowed for the professionals that need them.

To all the gun owners out there, we don’t need them. If you haven’t used them until now because you are a responsible owner, it means you don’t need it! So easy.

My thoughts go out to all the families who have lost a loved one or more due to mass shootings. I see you, and I hear you.

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