Health is the Vehicle, not the Destination

Gemi Bertran's Blog: Health is the Vehicle, not the Destination

Health is the Vehicle, not the Destination

Doctors and people in general assume that when someone is in their 70’s it is normal to have poor health or at least something that is not working. Not my mom, who is in her 70’s. They have plans, they have a future, they are already healthy and they want to live longer to enjoy their time and have fun with their loved ones. Wouldn’t you want the same things? At this point of their life they already got what they wanted, They are where they wanted to be or they made peace with what they got.

Surprisingly these women and men are not taking any medication, most of them have amazing relationships with friends and family because they already purged the ones who weren’t good for them.  They eat pretty healthy, they exercise, but the common denominator in their cases is that all of them hang out most of the time with younger people. They have no interest in talking about illnesses and medications or how bad the world is.

I was having this conversation with my mom a while back. One of her friends was always talking about doctors appointments, medication and illnesses and she told her, “I love you and I deeply care about you, but I am not going to spend my time talking with you only about things that are not working. I want to talk about fun things and good things, good food or funny jokes, I can’t do this anymore and because I love you too much I don’t want to let you do this to yourself, at least while you are spending the time with me.”

Years ago my mom was very different. She was a people pleaser, she would take on everything and complain about nothing and after my dad passed away she flipped like a coin tossed in the air. She learned to let go of people that weren’t good for her, started saying what she was thinking and chose to spend time with people that she loved and were enriching her life.

To all of that I have to say “Bravo, Mama!” She is an inspiration and a gift for the entire family. She prioritizes herself and helps everyone she loves. She has awesome friends and everyone I know loves her. I am so proud of being her daughter.

Keep shining the light to what’s important for yourself and forget about what others think or do, you are not them!

Happy New Beginning 2021!

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