Meet Gemi Bertran

Gemi Bertran is a skilled and talented behavioral health coach, and she has helped hndreds of women and men to make healthy changes to their behavior for the brain and body.

Her Background

Gemi Bertran became a passionate advocate of brain health after her own life-changing experience. A single mother of two at the time, she worked and studied full time while taking care of her cancer-stricken father. As a result of prolonged-lasting stress and exhaustion, her body shut down. At this time, she decided to study the effects of nutrition on the brain and listen to her body’s needs.
She earned her MBA at ESADE. Gemi has worked around the world, mastering the wisdom of different cultures and backgrounds, creating her methodology, designed for individuals that wish to retake their power and get on track to stable and healthy lifestyle habits and routines.
Gemi learned innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and developed her blueprint as a Brain & Behavioral expert. Gemi created the program: Brain & Behavior Coach. It is a highly specialized healthy coaching program created from Gemi’s knowledge of the brain and the behavior and the science of the mind.
Her continuous education and experience have equipped her with extensive, cutting-edge knowledge from a holistic approach to mind-brain nutrition and therapies, 1:1 coaching, and building awareness in the mind’s power. Drawing on her expertise, she works with clients to help them address behavioral problems, giving them the tools to choose health-promoting ways to produce real and lasting results.
“I learn everyday from my clients and students. They push me to keep searching and improving everything I do in life.” – Gemi
Gemi Bertran is willing to help you

Develop, Discover, and Learn with Gemi

Develop a deeper understanding of nutrition and the expression of a world class coaching program
Learn what type of foods work best for you specifically
Grow your energy, productivity, focus, balance, health and happiness and gain mental awareness.

Gemi’s Work

My clients and students are all around the world. I provide small-group education, 1:1 coaching, and my online in-depth and comprehensive program, the Brain & Behavior Coach Academy trains students to become Brain & Behavior Specialists.
These multiple avenues allow me to bring wisdom from around the world to my deserving clients and students. Individuals wishing to understand the power of their thoughts and actions can overcome stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, getting on track to healthy lifestyle habits. The physical aspect of our mind is our brain; its connections to the body and its nutritional needs are equally powerful.
I teach the creation of neuropathways to develop healthier behaviors, use techniques to break down old patterns that take you back to repeat old, unhealthy behaviors.
Together we will explore your specific health needs and personal lifestyle goals. We will learn your patterns and habits to help you nourish your brain, body, and soul. In a coaching program, we will work together to create step-by-step plans and routines that will provide you steady improvement one step at a time.
Each session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. We will work with your specific needs seeking to bring balance to all important elements of your health and behaviors. I will personally and carefully guide you to make simple, small changes that transform your life. I am very excited about what it is possible for you.

Gemi Bertan’s Headshots

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