Food for your soul, why not?

Gemi Bertran's Blog: Food for your soul, why not?

Food for your soul, why not?

Your brain and body are the reflection of what you put in it. If you are eating “junk” food, what do you think will show on the outside? If your thoughts are negative, doubtful, self-judging or criticizing, what do you think your attitude would be on the outside? How do you think others will receive you?

We get what we give. I am not talking about giving things, I am talking about giving quality of one-self, giving one-self. Every time we have an interaction with someone, there is an exchange of energy. It is only a matter of the attitude from both individuals to make it a pleasant or a difficult interaction or something in between. It took me many years to master my attitude. It is not easy. I am still working on it every day. The good news is that it becomes easier everyday.

My attitude work starts at 5:50am when my alarm goes off. Instead of being upset, my first thought goes towards being grateful for getting up healthy and ready to workout with no shade of laziness.

It keeps going when the workout is exhausting or challenging. I will do my very best all the time with a smile on my face.

I prepare my breakfast and can’t wait to eat it. It looks so delicious, healthy and boosting. It is my favorite meal of the day.

I write my gratitude and my goals on my dream book, well that is just awesome!

Showering is always a pleasure. It feels so good and powerful. I can’t wait to start my working day. Every day at this point, I will have a message from more than one loved one…that pumps up my day!

My assistant Cindy always greets me with a “Good morning Gemi” and a smiley face message. I am so grateful for her and would not be able to handle everything without her.

Then I see my clients, and here is my top of the top of the day. I love my clients and students so much. My gratitude and love is unconditional. They are the BEST!

…..the list goes on and on until the end of the day when I get in bed, that right there is heaven.

What attitude are you going to put out there right now?

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