Falling in Love with the Ideal

Gemi Bertran's Blog: Falling in Love with the Ideal

Falling in Love with the Ideal

How many times have you used the words ‘exactly’ or ‘perfect’ in a conversation?


What about the word ‘ideal’? 


Usually, the ideal is used to describe the best result.

The use in this case is incorrect. The real meaning of “ideal” is the moment we really fall in love with an idea. For instance, it might have been the first time an idea enters your mind.


You created the idea out of nothing, it happened spontaneously and brought joy to you just by being in your thoughts.

This is the correct definition of the ideal, and here’s why it’s so important.  Why would I tell you this? Because I want you to know that everything is created twice.


At first, it exists as a thought and stays in this state until you manifest it as a physical thing. 


First is created in your mind and when you take action is created physically. I created my ideal the day I adopted my daughter. Read her story here.


It is important to be aware. Remember that awareness is the opposite of ignorance and your mission is to awaken thousands of people, the more information you have the better you will fully help them as the Universe backs you up.


When the ideal happens in our mind for the first time, it is like a spark to start a fire, you have nothing and then all of a sudden a tiny spark starts a massive fire.


Metaphorically, the spark is the ideal, the fire is the burning desire, and if you don’t do something about it, it will keep burning until it consumes everything. It is impossible to ignore it.

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