Cuesta College Nourishes Brains, too!

Gemi Bertran's Blog: Cuesta College Nourishes Brains, too!

Cuesta College Nourishes Brains, too!

Hello Everyone~

One of the things that kept coming back to my mind when I had my brain health breakdown in 2006 was a question, of course, “Why doesn’t everyone know that you can put your brain back together with food, superfoods, and simple routines and structure?” When we as a society rely on food and natural remedies for a quick fix only, no wonder we fail.

With all my education and degrees, I never thought I would be teaching, and for the last 4 years, it has basically been what I do with my clients,  on different levels. From the Group Series to 1:1 and lately creating the new certification program Brain & Behavior Academy Program, my mission in life is guiding my clients and students to discover this other world of health without depending on quick fixes. Our body is not Amazon Prime, results are not instant. It takes time to heal when you allow.

Teaching community college at Cuesta College made so much sense to me, the more people who hear the message of taking care of their brain/mind and body the better. Nourish the Brain education goes above and beyond what food can do for us, it teaches how to use your thoughts to your favor instead of against you, which is very common. We are a whole system, mind, and body, you can’t disregard either because then the system fails.

Do you want to learn how to fix it?

I will be teaching Nourish the Brain Level 1 Program. This program is designed to give the student a clear understanding of all the body functions with our choices, food, thoughts, and behaviors. Classes start on September 11th from 6 pm to 8 pm, every Tuesday for 6 weeks. I will be teaching and interacting with the students to help understand the areas they are stuck in and they want to change or go forward. Anyone interested in growing a bigger understanding of the body and the mind is welcome.

This series of lessons is a little different from others you may be familiar with.  Our meetings will be a little longer and therefore the structure will be streamlined to get more interaction and conversation within the group.  If you have never participated in a Group Series, you will feel thrilled a little bit to read the syllabus. These topics will shed new light on the most common misconceptions and the most relevant feelings you have about why you feel the way you do.  The stress we all experience can be managed with the correct information, and you deserve to bring yourself to the right environment to learn these things.

I want to leave you with this final thought on identity and attitude. Our name doesn’t define who we are, it is something we have. When I learned a very early age about the reason my parents chose my name, Gemi, it should have given me a clue about all the challenges I was going to face in life, my name was the first of many.

Watch Gemi in this short and fun video, and understand the reason why you’ve never met another Gemi.

Take the best care, my friends,

~ Gemi

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