Craving Sugar!

Craving Sugar!

The biggest challenge around sugar is dealing with the cravings that come with it.

At an early age, we learn to cope by turning to food. We learn that when we are sad or stressed or fearful or anxious we can eat the food we desire and it calms us down. Everybody has different coping mechanisms, but coping with food is the most popular way of soothing ourselves emotionally.

This is how it works: We wait for the right time, the right food, the right environment, and the right people. We eat what makes us feel comfortable and safe. Often something sweet at night in front of the TV is a common way to cope.

Cravings are a response to the act of restricting something. Food often reflects our feelings about things such as an unsatisfactory career or love that is missing in our life. Why do we need to cope? Because we need to fill the emptiness inside ourselves. This is how the cravings work in your brain.

There is a small particle of the substance we use to cope attached to the tissues of your body, like the tongue, fatty tissue (including the brain) or muscle tissue.  This creates a memory in our brain. This memory reminds our brain that we want that specific food until we have it.  It is so persistent that you can’t resist until you have it!

How can we get rid of cravings? The most effective way to do it is by giving your brain everything it needs, especially fats. Watch this video to know what is that your brain really craves.

Remember that not all fats are equal.  Animal fats are very different from plant-based fats. If you need a review of the differences, read our blog here.

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