Gemi Bertran's Nourish the brain coaches

Ashley Enriquez

Her drive for understanding how our body functions and how to optimize its abilities steamed from families’ long line of mental illness. Using food as preventive medicine had a lot to do with your mental state.

Gemi Bertran's Nourish the Brain Institute Coach: Ashley Enriquez

She was a personal chef, where she helped others navigate how to apply their diet to their condition.

Understanding that our body fights for us to be healthy everyday influences how we treat it.

Our kids are looking at us as a blueprint for their own health. Taking control of our lifestyle not only changes us but also our family.

Let’s stop letting life happen to us and take back our health through education, discipline and accountability.

Take it from someone who loves to cook and eat, nourishing food is never lacking in flavor.

Brightness and freshness of nourishing food awakens our senses and gets us excited for our health.

Our mood and mental health can be predicted by what we have on our plate.

We show up for ourselves when we make choices that honor our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual states as they arise. There is no one in the world who can do this for you but YOU.

Gemi Bertran's Nourish the Brain Institute: Family of Ashley Enriquez

Her passion for life can be found in her food and let’s turn your kitchen into your classroom.

Education not only helps the chef but teaches our kids how to walk health our through practice and application.