Attracting Abundance in Your Life

Attracting Abundance in Your Life

Millions of people around the world have found the secret to a happy and successful life. Why not you?

Hook Abundance, it’s what we’re all searching for, but what is it? 

Abundance is found in giving more than receiving.  Picture this, you enter a room full of people.  

Colleagues, friends, and clients you meet are left with a profound feeling. You are adding value to their lives. 

Not necessarily monetary value, but the overall feeling of increase.  It is commonly experienced simply as the desire for a more abundant life, more experiences, and richer ones, at that.  

Transfer to others the impression of going forward with everything you do.  All people receive the idea that you are a successful person.  Give people you meet the message of increase by embodying the spirit of success.  Do everything with the firm belief that you are an advancing being, and that you carry with you the power to bring the same energy to others.  People will feel the sense of increase when they are in your presence, and they will be attracted to you.  

If you always take an honest pride in what you do, you will always have customers flocking to you.  

If you are thinking in your mind, “fake it til you make it”, you have already lost this battle.  This isn’t what abundance means.  What you can reflect on is the following.

Think of a time in your recent life, when you were interacting with someone who didn’t quite understand how to do something.  You know in your mind exactly how to help them, what words to say, what steps to demonstrate, and you plan in your mind how you will help them.  Simultaneously, you have no thought of any means of payback, nor any means of being compensated for the help you will give.  This is the impression of increase.  Now you can understand exactly how you have left them with the experience of abundance. 

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